Thursday, January 15, 2015


Hey all.

I'm really not sure how many people are following this blog on this particular platform, but I'm officially moving this blog to my website. I'm trying to simplify my blogging so I can get more posts up regularly and I'm afraid this particular platform is slowing me down a little. Also, it makes more sense to have eyeballs going to the same places.

So if you get this blog on an RSS feed, please go to FREAKISHLEMON.COM and update your feeds!

You can also find me on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram for steady updates.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Handspun Update

I have some handspun to share with you today!

Two of these I finished in the fall around the time when I started going to all the woolly events. I ran out of time for photos and organizing a post together, so they kind of fell by the wayside while I was going to different places. One of these I finished last week, so I thought I ought to get the photos together and post them all at once.

Dark Brown Alpaca Handspun

Dark Brown Alpaca Handspun Dark Brown Alpaca Handspun

I bought this wool from a local craft fair. I can't remember the name of the vendor or if they even had a card, but it was 2 oz of dark brown alpaca from a farm only a town or two from where I live. It was a lovely wool to spin - very smooth - and I hope to see more from this farm in the future.

Monochrome Handspun

Monochrome Handspun Monochrome Handspun

Over the summer, my family and I went down to Pennsylvania for some vacation time. My parents and youngest brother went down to visit some family and meet us down in a little town where we were staying for the Renaissance Faire. While my parents were there, they bought us all a gift and they bought me 3 oz of 100% pure wool in white, grey, and black, which was fun to spin.

Nevada Sands Handspun

Nevada Sands Handspun

This yarn was spun out of Burgis Brook alpaca that I picked up at the Coventry Farmer's Market this past September. One 2 oz bag was white and the other 2 oz back was white with little dyed spots of orange and yellow. This was a beautiful spin. It was really interesting to see how the colors spun up.

I have more wool on the wheel, which I'm really excited to show you. Also, I have a couple of different colorways in the works since I got new bobbins for Christmas! :D


Thursday, January 08, 2015

Halloween Cross-Stitch

Apparently, I completely neglected to make a post about my Halloween cross-stitch?

Good on me. Here you go!

Halloween Cross-Stitch

Tada! I didn't finish them by Halloween, of course. I finished these the week before Thanksgiving. Which is, you know... not what I planned at all, but I'm very pleased with how they turned out!

Both patterns are from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery and I enjoyed making them both immensely.

Halloween Cross-Stitch

Halloween Cross-Stitch

I got the frames in time to set these suckers up in the dining room for Thanksgiving. So we had decorations of pilgrims, turkeys, and Halloween cross-stitch.