Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Amy Pond Cowl

Amy Pond Cowl

So, I'm really trying to cut into my yarn stash. A problem that I really had a hard time with was buying a couple of skeins of yarn that would work for my Etsy shop projects. I had this red sock yarn that was my go to for Amy Pond scarves and whenever I had a 50% off coupon or it was marked down on sale, I picked up a couple of skeins.

And then the yarn was discontinued. Dun dun DUN. Yeah. So I knew I didn't have enough yarn for a full scarf, but I figured I probably had enough for a cowl. And I was right!

Amy Pond Cowl

I used the same needles and pattern that I do for the Amy Pond scarves and then joined the ends to make a cowl loop. It was quick and I already had the pattern memorized. It also gave me the opportunity to try a 3 stitch garter border on the scarf instead of picking up stitches and crocheting a border. I think I like the garter stitch border better. It's easier to keep the same tension while I'm knitting the scarf, as opposed to trying to keep the tension the same while crocheting.

Amy Pond Cowl

Overall, I'm really pleased with how this turned out. This cowl will be up for sale in my Etsy shop with my November shop update. So if you're interested, keep an eye on my shop after Halloween!


Monday, October 20, 2014

Autumn Scrap Garland How To

I have a tutorial for you today!

Sort of. I mean, it's really easy to pull off and it looks pretty cool, so I thought I'd share how I made some autumn scrap garlands for decorating things.

Here's what you need:

Autumn Scrap Garland

-Scrap fabric
-Thick Yarn
-A large workspace

That's it, folks. I used a long thick cut of yarn as my base for the garland because that's what I had. The one you're seeing in these photos is the one that I made for my cubicle at work, which measures a total of 4 yards (12 feet), but you can make them at any length you need. The ones on my windows that you'll see in the final photos are about 4 feet long.

For fabric, I chose whatever I had on hand that looks autumn-ish. Yellow, orange, brown, black, red, little bit of green... Those kinds of colors. You can choose whatever colors you want or have for whatever season or holiday you like. If you don't have a ton of scrap fabric like I do, you can get remnants or fabric quarters for pretty cheap at most fabric and craft stores. And if you have trouble matching colors, check out jelly rolls. At my local Jo-Anns' a jelly roll costs about $10 and has a variety of matching/complimentary 2.5" strips of fabric. I've used them for quilts, but they'd be great for a project like this.

Autumn Scrap Garland

Cut a bunch of strips of fabric about 5" long and 1" or 1.5" wide. Mine range from 4" to 5.5". You don't have to cut them evenly at all. Some of my pieces are weird shapes because my fabric scraps did not all have square edges. There's some triangles and trapezoids and half-circles in there.

I started with the fabric I had the least amount of so that I knew I could space it out evenly. I started tying scraps to the yarn about a foot apart, leaving a knotted loop about 6" away from the ends of yarn (so I can use the loops for hanging the garland). The scraps are tied using a basic square knot. Once I had my first groups of scraps tied on, I started tying pieces halfway between each piece to slowly fill in the garland.

Autumn Scrap Garland

And just keep tying scraps to your yarn until you like how full the garland is. You can leave them spaced a little or scrunch them all up close so that you don't see the yarn at all.

Once you like how it looks, hang it up however you like! I mentioned before that I tied some loops about 6" from the ends. For my window garlands, I used these loops to hook the garland up on some Command hooks on my walls. For my cubicle, I used T-pins to pin the yarn to my cubicle wall, which were easily hidden by the scraps.

Here's what the finished product looks like on my bedroom windows:

Autumn Scrap Garland Autumn Scrap Garland

Well, that's not quite my windows look like right now because of Halloween, but these look just as cool over some of that creepy Halloween fabric. And everyone who's stumble across me putting these up has said that they're really cool, so if you want something a little different to decorate for this autumn, give this a try.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014