Monday, January 12, 2015

Handspun Update

I have some handspun to share with you today!

Two of these I finished in the fall around the time when I started going to all the woolly events. I ran out of time for photos and organizing a post together, so they kind of fell by the wayside while I was going to different places. One of these I finished last week, so I thought I ought to get the photos together and post them all at once.

Dark Brown Alpaca Handspun

Dark Brown Alpaca Handspun Dark Brown Alpaca Handspun

I bought this wool from a local craft fair. I can't remember the name of the vendor or if they even had a card, but it was 2 oz of dark brown alpaca from a farm only a town or two from where I live. It was a lovely wool to spin - very smooth - and I hope to see more from this farm in the future.

Monochrome Handspun

Monochrome Handspun Monochrome Handspun

Over the summer, my family and I went down to Pennsylvania for some vacation time. My parents and youngest brother went down to visit some family and meet us down in a little town where we were staying for the Renaissance Faire. While my parents were there, they bought us all a gift and they bought me 3 oz of 100% pure wool in white, grey, and black, which was fun to spin.

Nevada Sands Handspun

Nevada Sands Handspun

This yarn was spun out of Burgis Brook alpaca that I picked up at the Coventry Farmer's Market this past September. One 2 oz bag was white and the other 2 oz back was white with little dyed spots of orange and yellow. This was a beautiful spin. It was really interesting to see how the colors spun up.

I have more wool on the wheel, which I'm really excited to show you. Also, I have a couple of different colorways in the works since I got new bobbins for Christmas! :D


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