Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Honestly, I have the same complaints about this movie as I did Indy 4. To much playing with CG just because they could. There was a lot of unnecessary language in this movie, which was baffling, and there was more gore. There's always that one dude who gets killed brutally on camera, but everyone else either dies in a goofy way or it's censored, but there were a few instances of gross deaths. :/

Not cool.

The jokes at Jonathon's expense were funny, but I think there were too many of them. He lost all importance as a character, which was very sad. Especially after his stronger development in the last one. I did, however, like that he named his bar Imhotep's. XD

Probably the biggest problem that I had with this movie was Evie. She wasn't the same actress. For a good chunk of the movie, I had no idea if she was supposed to be Evie or some other chick. I think she and Rick made an interesting couple, but she wasn't Evie and she shouldn't have been cast as her. It would have made more sense to have had Evie die of something over the past few years and this lady was Rick's new wife, which would explain some of the awkwardness between them and the tension between Alex and his parents. The last movie gave no indication that they would become so estranged. :/

I'm not entirely sure I completely agreed with the direction of this movie. Rob Cohen's a good director and all, but I thought he should slow the fuck down for the quiet scenes. Action and battle scenes should be fast like that, but HOLY FUCK, they're trying to have a moment! Don't rush them! No one's leaving the theater!

One thing that I did really like about the direction, though, was the influence of Chinese directors. It didn't work in a few places, but it made a lot of the fight scenes new and interesting because we've never seen Brendan Frasier (or most other American actors of European descent) directed that way. It was pretty cool. And really appropriate for the Emperor and the immortal chicks.

I think there were too many Yeti. And sometimes they looked a little weird. :/

Overall, it was alright. It's not winning any awards for anything, but it was fun. I don't think it's a good Mummy movie, but it's an alright silly Brendan Frasier movie.


Brendan Frasier still looks good with no shirt. Just saying.

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