Wednesday, August 19, 2009

T-Shirt Hoodie and TARDIS Cargo Shorts

DIY Recon

Alright guys. I'm really proud of these two pieces because I can actually use and wear them. In fact, I've been wearing these shorts all days.

The T-Shirt hoodie was made using pieces from four different T-shirts. The main part of the hoodie is simply an old red Target work shirt that I cut up the middle and hemmed. The two pockets on the sides were taken from two identical red shirts and simply sewn on. The hood was cut out from the front and back of an old Pirates of the Caribbean shirt that I shrunk in the wash years ago.

Here's a profile shot to show off the hood. I had to slouch to actually get the hood into frame.

DIY Recon

The shorts were also made from old Target work uniform parts. In the beginning of the summer, I attempted to dye some khaki pants black, but they ended up this grey/almost purple color. Today, I cut off the bottoms of the legs and hemmed them into shorts. I made a stencil for the TARDIS and filled it in with Sharpy.

DIY Recon

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