Thursday, November 19, 2009

Grey Socks

Grey Socks

Since my first knitting lesson at the hands of my younger sister, most of my projects have been really simple. To be honest, it's been scarves up until last year when I decided that I was going to buckle down and learn how to knit other things. I was just sick of making scarves. I couldn't give them away fast enough and I'm not a big scarf wearer.

So I started knitting berets for said younger sister and fingerless gloves, which are a bit tricky when you are first starting out. Then I moved on to learning to cable which I had heard was difficult, but my mother had managed to learn it, so I figured it wasn't all that bad.

Guess what I made with that new skill? More scarves.

Grey Socks

'Okay,' I thought to myself this year at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire as I stood in my favourite booth ever (The Merry Little Lamb). 'I am going to make a pair of socks.'

Well, I was actually going to try and make a pair of kilt hose to wear under my pirate boots for Halloween, but I didn't have enough yarn and I wouldn't have finished them in time anyway. But I was determined to make something to wear on my feet.

So I found this Soldier's Sock pattern on the Free Knitting Pattern Directory. It looked simple and adaptable and, if I was going to be making more socks after this first pair, I needed an easy, basic pattern.

I feel like I've hit a milestone. I've made a pair of socks. It's like I'm really a knitter now.

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