Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Runes for Christmas

I enjoy making Christmas presents and this year provided me with a very unique opportunity.

You see, Nilan Hall at Albertus Magnus college is overrun by goblins. Everything that can go wrong with the workings of the house have (from the fridge freezing food to people not getting any water) and, when I was browsing through Brian Froud's Goblins! one day, I found that there was a creature to go along with every single one of these problems.

Some of them were eerily similar.

We also seem to have some kind of a bathroom fae who uses my voice to say things to other people and/or straightens towels while we're in the shower. This, of course, has made several of my friends quite nervous about continuing to live in the house.

So, I devised this little kit. On each of the green stones is a rune: protection, wealth, and happiness. All things a college student needs to survive in a goblin ridden house. The tiny scroll has explanations for the different runes and their meanings, and I knitted the pouches out of some scraps of hand spun, hand dyed Merry Little Lamb wool.

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