Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Doctor Who books

Doctor Who books

This review is going to cover two books this time around: Doctor Who and the Tenth Planet by Gerry Davis and Doctor Who and the Masque of Mandragora by Phillip Hinchcliff.

Since 1963, Doctor Who has been a staple of British science fiction and is still one of the most popular science fiction television serials to date. At its start, each story could range anywhere from two to eight episodes long, so the BBC also commissioned a series of books detailing the same episodic storylines. These books were published from 1965 to 1991, before they started releasing new stories as novels in the 1990s.

Doctor Who and the Tenth Planet and Doctor Who and the Masque of Mandragora are two of the books from the original novel commissions. This means that both of these stories had been episodes. I have watched all of the episodes of Doctor Who and, therefore, don’t really have much to comment on the stories themselves. The only thing I can really say, story wise, is that it was nice to get the whole story of the Tenth Planet because that is one of the episodes lost during the seventies.

I really enjoyed these books. Not because they revealed anything to me that I didn’t really already know, but because they were comfortable. I enjoyed something I already loved in a new way. And the books are short, about 130 pages, so you can read through them pretty quickly.

So, of course, I would recommend these to any fans of Doctor Who and science fiction fans. These books would be a great introduction to anyone who is curious about Classic Doctor Who, but do not know whether they want to start watching the episodes yet.

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