Friday, May 21, 2010

The Heart of Faerie Oracle

The Heart of Faerie Oracle

This isn’t really a review. I won’t be filming a video about this book. I think we all know my general impressions. Of course, I’m going to say that it’s good.

The thing that impressed me enough to write a blog post about it is that the book for this oracle card set is written as a true sequel. It doesn’t repeat the first faerie oracle set. There is an assumption that if you are reading this book, then you have read the one that came before it. While I don’t mind sequels that summarize the previous books, it is refreshing to see a book that doesn’t. It seems right that it doesn’t. This set has a specific focus that the other set doesn’t. It doesn’t need to cover everything that the first one did.

Anyway, I really enjoyed reading through the book and I really liked that Wendy Froud was the one writing the guide to the deck this time. You could tell that she has a very close relationship to the deck and her relationship with Brian bleeds through into her writing. It was just nice to see the two of them working together on a project again.

This book is wonderfully exploratory and the cards are beautiful. If you are a fan of the The Faeries’ Oracle, Brian Froud’s work, or oracle cards in general, pick this up.


Alain said...

I really need to get the first one!

Freakish Lemon said...

@Alain Yes, you do. XD