Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Glamour Chase

Doctor Who: The Glamour Chase

Doctor Who: The Glamour Chase by Gary Russell is one of the newest books on the market to supplement the latest series of Doctor Who. In this story, the Doctor, Amy Pond, and Rory Williams land in a remote English village and, unsurprisingly, something funny is going on. The village has been deserted and those left are acting oddly. No one seems to want to talk about Nathaniel Porter’s first wife, who mysteriously disappeared, but our time travelers suspect that it has something to do with the unusual archaeological dig in the school field, the strange gardener Old John, and Oliver Marks, the sole survivor of a traumatic alien attack.

I really enjoyed this book, but that comes as no surprise. As I said in my previous Doctor Who book review, I am a huge fan of Doctor Who. Not only did I love the mystery of this story, I love the depth of characters. Every character has a background and a story that is worked seamlessly into the larger narrative.

This book also features some of my favourite peripheral Doctor Who aliens yet. You should all know I’m a crafter. I knit and crochet. So, how could I not love a story featuring sentient yarn? Well, not sentient yarn exactly, but it’s close enough.

I would definitely recommend this to Doctor Who fans. While the story is complicated and mysterious, I’m not sure non-Doctor Who fans would appreciate the goofy moments and… well… sentient yarn. It’s a very Doctor Who thing to write about. But if you are a fan of Doctor Who - especially the goofy parts of Doctor Who - this is a great book for you.

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