Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Secret History of Giants

The Secret History of Giants
by Prof. Ari Berk

For thousands of years we, the Order of the Golden Quills, have chronicled and collected knowledge and wisdom of the Secret Folk, those races spoken of in legend but little known in our time.

Here we present to you our work on one such race of Secret Folk – the mighty Giants. Explore their secrets, discover their lore, and learn where you might seek out the noble Great Folk… for they might be nearer than you think.

This was a funny little book. It’s like one of those books that you see on a table as you leave the fantasy section of a book store. You know, the ones with the shiny covers with titles like DRAGONS and WIZARDS that are more pictures and pull out bits to interact with than actually information or story. The kind of book that’s like a sneak peak anthology.

This book is kind of like that. There is no overlying story or any sort of in-depth information on giants and giant lore. It gives you little snippets of many different giant stories and origins without going into too much detail about any of them, which is a shame because I’ve really enjoyed Ari Berk’s work with Brian Froud with more detailed writing. But it was a pleasant enough distraction for an afternoon.

So I’d recommend it if you are only looking for a pleasant distraction. The illustrations are lovely and different textures and papers meant to be interacted with are interesting, but I was disappointed in the lack of detail and narrative. But I suppose it makes a nice little supplemental volume to go with my Faerie library.

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