Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Wings of Merlin

The Wings of Merlin
by T.A. Barron

The evil warlord Rhita Gawr is preparing to wage war against the island of Fincayra. To halt this invasion, Merlin must perform his most difficult miracle yet. He must unite the bickering factions of the magical isle – dwarves, canyon eagles, walking trees, and more – to stand together against the dire threat.

But first Merlin must fight an even greater battle – one that rages within him – before he can unify the Fincayrans, and regain the long lost wings that will enable all his people to choose their true destiny…

I’m sure that no one will be surprised when I say I loved this book. I’ve loved the whole series so far. Why wouldn’t I love this one?

That being said, I was a little bit disappointed. While I loved the added lore of Fincayra and learning about the myth behind their lost wings, this is one of those books where I wish it wasn’t a book aimed at kids. I wanted so much more depth and exploration for so many parts of this book. I wanted to dig into Merlin’s feelings about what happened to Dinatius and I wanted to see Rhia’s journey as she searched for the walking trees and I wanted to see Hallia’s journey to find Gwynnia and the canyon eagles.

I don’t know. Maybe I wanted more of a Lord of the Rings type experience during this book than I did with the others. There were just so many things that had to come together at the end and you only get to see Merlin’s part in it. It’s important, of course, but not the whole picture.

But it was a really good book and I’m glad that everything wrapped up in a way that set the Arthur legends into motion.

Definitely pick up this one up if you’ve been considering it. It’s a lovely ending and worth reading to finish up the series.

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