Tuesday, September 06, 2011

American Gods - Full Cast Audiobook

American Gods
by Neil Gaiman

Preferred text, full cast audiobook

I know I’ve reviewed American Gods on here before, but the tenth anniversary of the book’s publication brought forth a new edition of the book with added material. I haven’t bought the print version of this book yet, but I had an Audible credit going spare, so I grabbed the tenth anniversary, full cast edition of the audiobook.

I loved American Gods to begin with, but this audiobook sucked me right back into the world of Shadow and Mr. Wednesday. The actors are spot on with what my brain conjured up with mannerisms and vocal quirks that just feel right to me when I’m listening to them. The narrator for the main story did a superb job of filling in the spaces between dialog with all the appropriate tones and richness and Neil Gaiman’s narration for the interludes was fantastic. Not only was it great to hear him and know that he had a role in the audiobook process (some authors don’t), but it was also a subtle way of letting the listener know that those particular sections were related to the overall concept of the novel, but had little to do with the main story arc. That’s very clear in the print book, of course, but it would be harder to recognize this immediately with only one narrator in audio.

If you’re a fan of audio entertainment, you should check this book out. The acting is amazing, the sound production is fantastic, and the book itself is one of my top favourite fantasy stories ever. Of course, if you are even remotely interested, you should have a listen to a sample or a demo of the audiobook to get a feel for it.

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