Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crafting Update

1. Sherlock - One half of a commission from Etsy. This isn't the best picture, but The Coat and the suit and the scarf are different colors.

2. Rainbow Stripe Blanket - Crocheted blanket in an attempt to do convert stash.

3. Red Amy Pong Scarf - The barest beginnings of another scarf for the store.

4. Black Alpaca Cable Scarf - Gift to myself after successfully finishing all of my planned Christmas presents before Christmas. This is the yarn that I purchased at the farmer's market in September.

5. John - If you don't recognize the approximate sweater pattern on that torso, that will be the other half of the Etsy commission, John.

6. Spools of Single Ply - Slowly spinning through the roving bought at the farmer's market in September. The two spools will be plied once I'm finished spinning the smaller spool's roving.

7. Black Socks - I think it has been a year since I cast on those socks. I intend to finish them soon.

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