Monday, March 11, 2013

Stitch Markers, Organizing... Again..., Scarf, and HawkGuy

I meant to post this first part all last week, but I think we're all familiar with how well I manage to get things up on here. Time, man. Time. It's crazy.

1. Stitch Markers

Last weekend was time to play with new stitch marker designs for my shop! (Also, make some more Supernatural ones because I sold out of them. :D )

Stitch Markers Test

I also tested that orange silicon baking sheet thingy. I usually do the Shrinky Dinks on parchment paper, but they don't way enough to keep the paper from curling and I've had only limited success with weighing the paper down with oven safe objects. I saw this thing in Target for pretty cheap, so I picked it up.

But you can see in that picture that I'm playing with some new designs from Doctor Who, Star Wars, various superheroes, and shtuff like that.

Stitch Markers Test

And there they are all shrunken. This never gets old. It's still crazy to me that this works.

Stitch Markers Test

And there they are sealed and ringed and placed nicely in a bowl with a picture of a spoon on it. The purple marker bled when I sealed it and the blue on the TARDIS and DW ones are a little fuzzy, but not bad for a first run.

Star Stitch Markers

I also found these charms in a clearance bin at Jo-Ann's, so I grabbed them and made some markers for myself.

2. Organizing... Again...

I think I've reorganized this craft drawer thingy (kind of like this one) a half a dozen times now. I'm pretty sure I've only owned it for a year. Oh boy.

It was prompted by my inability to grab a paint brush quickly. I had some in a case and some in some ziploc bags. Everything could fit into the drawers, but I end up taking things out of the drawers a lot to get to other things.

So I found myself wandering around a Kmart and I found a bin meant for cutlery that is the right size for paint brushes and I reorganized craft things around that. All tubes of paint that were still in their boxes got dumped into a plastic tub together. Colored pencils and crayons and markers went into recycled Bertucci's take away tubs (my sister's worked there for a couple of years. We have a lot of those plastic tubs. XD), so those boxes and bags could be recycled. I didn't realize how much the original packaging caused an issue in craft bin. This system works much better for me right now.

It'll probably change again in two weeks when I do something different with my craft projects. It happens a lot.

3. Scarf!

Striped Scarf March 2013

Scarf! All these colors have been a part of my Sherlock and John BBC plushies. Those plushies are fun, but they take a long time sometimes and have a lot of small parts, so I'm not aiming to make more of them. Well... unless anyone wants to commission them. But I ended up with a lot of yarn in those colors and I like how those colors go together and I'm aiming to bust some stash this year, so I made myself a scarf.

4. HawkGuy

I've been seeing many good things about the current run of Hawkeye, so I hopped into my Comixology account and made sure I still knew my way around and bought issue# 1.

I intended to read just that one and get #2 next week. A sort of a one-comic-per-paycheck deal.

Oh, me. I really should know myself better. I have the worst self control when I like a story. THE. WORST.

So I ended up buying all eight issues that are currently out and reading them on my iPod in an IHOP while I ate Swedish crepes. It was pretty fantastic.

Also, I've been snagging some of my favourite panels to use as log in screens.

Clint and Sokka might be soul mates. Also, Kate Bishop wins my life in this series.

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Jason said...

I'm loving Fraction's current run on Hawkeye! My comic book aficionado (and book store employee) friend more or less made the suggestion last week (or maybe it was the week before) and I read all 8 issues over the weekend. I don't regret it. XD
And the Boomerang arrow! ^_^