Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Renaissance Faires #1 and #2

IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR. The Renaissance Faires are starting up and our family has dived into it full swing. We went to the opening weekend of the NY Renaissance Faire and had a gay old time. Foods were consumed, things were purchased, and jousts were cheered with great enthusiasm.

Because this is the faire that we've gone to annually for... 13 years?...ish, I only have this one photo of the swag I ended up bringing home.


Lotion candle and soap from the Faerie Secrets place. I've got a big jar of the Dragon's Blood lotion candle that I've consistently used to calm down the eczema flare ups and it's good stuff. I figured I'd try out the soap, too.

And I broke my yarn purchasing goal early. I had intended to use what I have without buying anything new until the Fiber Fest weekend at the Coventry Farmer's market so that I could bust some stash, but the silk dyers at the faire had this on their back wall and I could not help myself. This photo's a little dark, but it's the perfect Fire Nation colors. I'm excited about using it. I have ideas.

Renaissance Faire #2 is the PA Renaissance Faire! The family hasn't been able to trek down there in about... 9 years? Something like that. College and illness have prevented the family from saving up or having the available time for a trip like this, but my mother decided that nothing was stopping us this year and she made it so!

We spent Friday driving down to our hotel in New Holland, PA and then wandering around the touristy shops until they closed. The Gabbers and I lucked out because we ended up all being able to pile into my mom's van. Originally two cars were supposed to make this trip, but The Gabbers and I didn't have to take turns driving.

(Not that we wouldn't have, but once Dad gets behind the wheel, no one else is allowed to drive. Mostly because he has all these routes memorized and can improvise highways without a problem. He doesn't like dealing with the rest of us checking to make sure we're still on the right road.)

And then Saturday was the faire! Have some photos!

PA Family Trip 2013 PA Family Trip 2013 PA Family Trip 2013 PA Family Trip 2013 PA Family Trip 2013 PA Family Trip 2013 PA Family Trip 2013 PA Family Trip 2013 PA Family Trip 2013

A magic show, the Mud Show, a joust, and some knitting while waiting for the joust. Good times all around.

Here's my costume by the end of the day (I bought the hat at the faire):

PA Family Trip 2013

And here's my swag:

PA Family Trip 2013

Soap from a bee wax and honey shop. I have a thing about handmade-ish soaps right now because my skin has behaved itself since I started buying handmade-ish soaps. My parents bought some blackberry honey from the shop, which is also delicious.

PA Family Trip 2013

Tea. Pretty self explanatory, methinks.

And then we spent Sunday morning driving around. We visited the Red Caboose Motel, which we had considered staying at, annoyed the animals, and took photos from the top of a silo.

PA Family Trip 2013

PA Family Trip 2013

PA Family Trip 2013 PA Family Trip 2013 PA Family Trip 2013

PA Family Trip 2013

PA Family Trip 2013

And then we went on a long walk waiting for this place to open up:

PA Family Trip 2013

Getting fantastic ice cream here is family tradition and we couldn't leave the area without some delicious goodness. It's the only time the parents will encourage ice cream for lunch.

And then we drove home and immediately crawled into our beds because we were exhausted with all the good times.


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