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Disney Trip - Nov 2013


Now that I’ve finished all the hard parts of this year’s Christmas gifts, I can FINALLY type out this thing about my Disney trip almost two months ago.

(Time, am I right? Not enough of it to fit everything in.)


Day 1

Travel day! Shannon and I spent the night in a motel across from the airport because we had a 7:20 am flight and we’d have to get up really early to drive out to the airport. So we hopped on over, flew through customs, boarded, and headed down to Orlando by way of Detroit.

I don’t think layover destinations will ever make sense to me.

Disney World 2013 Trip

Disney World 2013 Trip

Obligatory plane shot and a Christmas WIP that was early enough on that the final item cannot be immediately determined.

We landed in Orlando in the afternoon, met up with Chris, took the Disney bus over to the All-Star Music Resort where we were staying and marveled at the spectacle of it all. Then we dropped off our stuff and headed on over to Disney Hollywood Studios for this:

Disney World 2013 Trip

Ooooh, tourist-y shot of the park when we first walked in.


Disney World 2013 Trip

Disney World 2013 Trip

Awwwwww, yeeaaaahhhhhh. Star Tours, fools.


So that was brilliant. Shannon and Chris went off to go on the Tower of Terror at one point and I walked around. Went on the Great Movie ride, went through some of the animation museum-y type things. It was good times.

Except for the dehydration induced migraine because flying to Florida apparently tries to dry out my entire brain. This happened last time we went to Florida, too, but we went in June last time, so I thought it was just normal dehydration/heat stuff. BUT NO. That’s apparently a thing I do. So I turned in early and drank a lot of water and took pain killers, but I was ready to go the next day!


Day 2

Up and at ‘em for THE MAGIC KINGDOM.

Disney World 2013 Trip

Disney World 2013 Trip

Disney World 2013 Trip


Apparently, we went to Disney at the perfect time of the year. The place was practically empty. We waited less than 20 minutes for every ride we wanted to go on. We had a little sprinkling to rain, but then this happened:

Disney World 2013 Trip

Look at that magical frellin’ rainbow! How crazy is that? Freakin’ wonderful, is what it is.

And then night fell and it got better.


Disney World 2013 Trip

Absolutely fantastic. We stayed until the park closed and were the only people on Pirates of the Caribbean, which I think might be the best way to experience it.


Day 3

We spent the morning and afternoon playing around at Disney Hollywood Studios again, so I don’t have any new photos for that. We got into some of the rides and events that we didn’t get a chance to get into on Monday. We took the animation drawing class a couple of times. We still got lost, even though we had walked around a huge chunk of the park on Monday. I went on Star Tours two more times while Shannon and Chris went on the Aerosmith roller coaster.

Towards dinner, we decided to hop on a boat and cruise around to Epcot. We walked around the lake and ate food and poked in shops. We saw some great Moroccan musicians play while a woman skillfully belly-danced for passersby. We went on a weird Scandinavian history/mythic water ride. We tried some sodas from different parts of the world, but there wasn’t much variety as we had all hoped. We stuck around for the fantastic fireworks and musical display over the lake. I grabbed this photo on our way out:

Disney World 2013 Trip


Day 4

Airports. We had a layover in Atlanta this time, so that made sense to us, but there was some terrible delays and obstacle courses to get on a plane going back to Connecticut. We splurged and got junk from Wendy’s on our way home because we had to miss eating a proper meal at lunch due to our delays.



When I was walking regularly with Shannon (and I plan to continue walking that when it’s not pitch black at 5:30 in the evening), I bought a little FitBit to keep track of how much I was walking. I had it in my pocket for this trip. The numbers are kind of crazy.

Day 1 - 18,424

Day 2 - 23,884

Day 3 - 25,673

Day 4 - 7.335

I know Day 4 doesn’t look all that impressive, but I’d say that’s a lot for just walking around the Disney resort to leave and being in airports.



And, of course, here’s the stuff I bought. I’m very proud of what I managed to keep it down to.

Disney World 2013 Trip

I wasn’t actually the rebel spy, but I was sitting next to the rebel spy once, so I say it counts! And I’ve got some sweet R2-D2 Mickey ears. Mickey ears were a part of Shannon’s requirement for the trip, so we wore them all over.


Disney World 2013 Trip

Disney World 2013 Trip

We found these two pins in a pin shop and I had to purchase them. It’s impossible to find Elliot anyway and the Maleficent pin has both of her forms on it, which I adore, so I splurged on them.


Disney World 2013 Trip

A new travel mug was one of my goals for the trip. The two that I had been using for work were falling apart, and this one caught my eye.


Disney World 2013 Trip

And this is something that I started doing on our trip to Universal Studios. These parks have all these penny squisher machines and there are rarely people using them because no one carries change anymore. I almost always have change in my pockets and prefer to carry cash when I have a budget to stick to. It also helps that when Shannon and Chris ended up using cash, they would give me any pennies and quarters so I could play with the penny squishers.


And that was the trip!

Phew. Now all I have to worry about getting up here is all the freakin’ Christmas stuff I’ve got going on it. It’s a little absurd, but I’m looking forward to posting it.

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