Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WIP Wednesday

Made some progress on an Amy Pond scarf for the shop. Made some progress on my Events socks in the car on my way back from the Yarn Crawl. Added the H and corner border to my Halloween sampler. Hello, Halloween things. Welcome back. Desk display! Plus one of those rag garlands around the cubicle wall and dancing skeleton window vinyl clings on the overhead bin. Couldn't help myself. I had to cast on the Eyelet Swirl Cap immediately. This  stuff knits up beautifully. The dollar store had drapey creep fabric, so I bought 3 more to layer out the 4 pieces already on my windows. The dollar store also had these haunted houses. The lights weren't included, so I've got a cheap LED flashing necklace in there. And these were $1.50 each at Ocean State Job Lot, plus electric tea lights from the dollar store. I consider today a success. I may not be able to knit because of resting my right thumb joint, but I've got an extra left arm to help me out when some costume stuff comes in. Finding/being given 5 extra bags of fiber fill means I don't feel guilty about stuffing the lumpy torso eith Spinning some extremely soft alpaca/sheep wool blend to get my thumb back into craft motions. I just keep adding to my fake candle things for Halloween. I'm really liking the glow. Managed a couple of lollipops in the L square today. Thumb joint still isn't pleased with the movement, though. :/I'm alone in the house and it feels like a cookie day.

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