Saturday, November 07, 2009

Trail Mix


It's no secret that I love food. I love trying new things and attempting new recipes. College has been good for that, even if the recipes and foods are simple and easy to make.

But college is also good for rediscovering foods from your childhood and making them for yourself or sharing them with your friends. My parents recently mailed me a box full of goodies for Halloween and in that box were two bags of fancy trail mix from Target.

Trail mix is one of those snacks that I lived on as a child. I grew up near the Litchfield hills. Every fall my family and friends and I would go camping or hiking. We would visit the local forest ranger and have a chat about the leaves and tapping maples for sap. We'd take day trips out to the local orchards and pick apples and make cider.

There was always some kind of trail mix put out or carried along, and it rarely ever came in a bag. Everyone had their own blend. Some were just different kinds of nuts and seeds, some had dried fruit, and some had candy, but everyone had some. That was just how it is.

Now, the fancy bagged kind is fine and I snacked through it rather quickly, but I wanted to make my own like we used to at home. So I did.


Sunflower Seeds
Pumpkin Seed
Chocolate Chips

Simply toss those into a plastic bag and mix. Voila. Brilliant trail mix.



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