Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Long Overdue Post About Lost

I definitely wrote this over the few days immediately after the LOST finale, but it seems that I had forgotten about it. So here it is! My LOST reaction post.

The big news this past week was about the final episode of Lost. Six seasons of questions, intrigue, and amazing characters and it all came to an end May 23rd, 2010.

I love Lost. I’ve been with the show since its first episode and I have followed it religiously since the pilot. Frankly, I skipped opportunities to do other things when they conflicted with Lost. I’ve always thought the storytelling was new and interesting. I always had questions about what was going on and was often confused by what was revealed on the island, but this is what made me stick with it every week.

The finale episode was a long one and, while it didn’t answer every question I had, it allowed me to infer answers for the ones that mattered. I thought that the finale tied up the story very neatly with what they had to cover. It didn’t feel forced or out of place. It was nice.

Most viewers seem to be in either one of two parties: extraordinarily sad about the show ending or not really caring. I can’t say that I completely subscribe to either. Yes, I am sad that it’s over, but to be honest, six seasons is enough. You can only keep up this kind of storytelling for so long. These weren’t monsters of the week type episodes, which is what most shows that span this length are. Everything in these episodes had to be connected and, more or less, make sense with everything that comes before and after it. It couldn’t have gone on for much longer without compromising the story and, honestly, I’m surprised that it’s been able to keep a cohesive story this long.

If you haven’t watched Lost, now is the time to watch it. I know that some people avoided it because of the fact that they didn’t know how long it would be going on for and didn’t want to invest an unknown amount of time in the show. Now that it’s over, it will be easier to sit down and watch the separate seasons. Hulu will have all of the episodes streaming until the end of this year. I definitely suggest you take a look.

Voila. A LOST post.

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