Sunday, June 13, 2010

Who Killed Amanda Palmer?

Who Killed Amanda Palmer?

I don’t exactly know where to start with this review.

Do I start with introducing Amanda Palmer as the pianist and singer of the Dresden Dolls?
Do I introduce her as a solo artist who released an album with the same name as this book?
When do I introduce Neil Gaiman, who wrote the short stories in this book?
Do I go into the background of this project?

I have no idea. So I think I’ll just talk about the book itself and tell you where to find additional information on those questions.

Who Killed Amanda Palmer? is a photo book. A morbid and slightly disturbing photo book. A photo book featuring pictures of Amanda Palmer as a corpse. A lot of the pictures are of her naked.

It’s an oddly raw and romanticized look at death and how we end up finding it. The photos are well staged and tell a story all their own. Many of them include peculiarly placed props that make you itch to find out what happened. Some of the short stories answer that itch in a satisfactory manner, but not all of the photos have a written story to go along with them.

So, while this book may turn away some with its macabre theme, it inevitably will twist some readers’ minds to wild and fantastical tales of how Amanda Palmer was killed. I found it incredibly fascinating and if this appeals to you, you should pick it up.

By the way, the real Amanda Palmer is still alive and busy touring for her new collaborative project with Jason Webley, Evelyn Evelyn. (

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