Friday, July 30, 2010

Hand Spun

Do you guys remember these things? These balls of roving that I bought at the local Scottish festival?

I've finally begun using my drop spindle seriously and have begun making actual yarn! How exciting!

As I said before, one ply of this yarn is some of that spun blue yarn from the Scottish festival. I'm not entirely sure what kind of wool goes into it exactly, but it's soft and blue and cost me $5 a ball.

The other ply of the yarn is made from the brown Romney roving I bought from HelloYarn about a year ago, which I learned to spin on and have spun a chunk of it very poorly. But I refreshed my knowledge of spinning with some YouTube videos and tried again and this is what I finished with.

First Yarn

I'm so proud of this. The colors work better than I'd hoped and it's so lovely! I haven't decided whether to name it Juliet Gordon Low or the Tenth Doctor. The two colors are closely associated with both, but I can't decide.

So let's just having a closer look at it and ignore that it doesn't have a name yet.

First Yarn

I'm so pleased, guys. So pleased. Combined, these two skeins are 52 1/2 yards. I have no idea what I will ever made with this, but I'm too pleased with it to care right now.

And I need to get more roving, STAT.

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