Wednesday, July 28, 2010



Dreams are oddly necessary phenomena of the human mind and they have been the subject of study and fascination for years. Inception – the most talked about movie of the summer so far – taps into that fascination by combining the complexity of human dreaming with the adrenaline pumping excitement of a heist.

The movie slowly reveals the life of Dom Cobb, a sort of professional thief that specializes in stealing information from people’s dreams. Cobb’s been on the run for years under the suspicion of murdering his wife and this last job, the biggest he’s ever pulled, will be the one to get him home. He assembles his specialized team to create layered dreams – dreams within dreams – in order to do the impossible. Inception. Planting an alien idea into another person’s mind in order to influence their behaviour.

But his dead wife keeps sabotaging his plans and her interference might make it impossible for them to wake back up.

This film is built upon suspense and they achieved that nicely. I was enthralled and eagerly waiting to see what would happen next. The effects and stunts were spectacularly subtle when they needed to be and wonderfully baffling when they needed to wow you. The surrealism of dreams was very well done and I applaud them for that.

I was mildly disappointed in the amount of depth that the dream layers had. Perhaps I spent too long developing my own wild theories based on other peoples’ reactions to the film’s ending, but I had expected something much more extravagant. The layers were still magnificent and I do think the story was well executed and leaves a lovely opening for interpretation at the end.

I would definitely recommend this film. It will require some analysis- if you want a film to mindlessly munch popcorn to, pick something else- but I think it’s fascinating enough that most movie goers will enjoy it.


MagicalIdiotSquigoo said...

Have you seen Paprika? It's a very similar concept, but animated and Japanese.

Freakish Lemon said...


Not yet, but it's on my list.

hanum said...

cool action movie ^^. Like this!