Sunday, October 24, 2010

Xena: The Game for Playstation

Xena: Warrior Princess

This has been a review long time coming. I've had this game for ages now. Since last Anime Boston? 2009?

And I've been playing the game since then. I truly am a pathetic gamer. But that's alright and I DID finish the game without glitching it out too badly and that's got to count for something.

This game was more fun than it probably should have been. Original Playstation, terrible graphics, and weirdly wonky directional controls- I'm pretty sure most hardcore gamers would find this game tedious and old. The plot is pretty nonexistent (rescue Gabrielle and fight monsters- that’s it) and none of the levels are impossibly difficult if you have any sort of skill.

I mean, I don't. I did resort to the invincibility cheat by the lava level, but it was in the last quarter of the game so I don't feel bad about it. Plus, I still fell off a lot of things and died that way. I didn't exactly coast through this.

But the appeal of this game from the moment I picked it up at the used game stand until the last of the credits is that this is XENA. There's kicking and flipping and throwing the chakram around in ridiculous ways. It's a fun game because you're playing as Xena.

So, for Xena fans who don't mind the datedness of the game, find yourself a copy. It'll probably be cheap, which is always a plus. I'm not sure anyone else will enjoy this game quite as much, but it's always worth a try, methinks.

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