Sunday, January 16, 2011

Brandy's Hat and Mittens

Forgive terrible pictures again. Another Christmas rush shoot for these.

Yarn: Bernat Softee Chunky in Denim Ragg

Needles: Double pointed needles US8 5mm


Brandy's Mittens Brandy's Mittens

Hook: US H8


Brandy's Hat

Brandy's Hat Brandy's Hat

I had met up with my good friend Brandy at her place of employment in a sort of nearby mall the weekend before Christmas and she outright refused to tell me what she wanted for Christmas because she didn’t want me to spend money on her. Which is ridiculous because the whole point of Christmas is to do something nice for the people in your life and just because she didn’t answer didn’t mean I wasn’t going to gift her with something.

So I opted to make her some mittens and a hat because Brandy never buys things for herself (David has taken to giving money to Shannon and making Shannon force Brandy to buy herself nice things every once in a while) and even though she’s a native Floridian and is freezing all the time, she probably hasn’t bought herself a new pair of gloves or a new hat or anything in all the years that I’ve known her.

The mittens look a little janky and oddly pointy, but I hadn’t planned out enough time to properly gauge everything and sort out what needles would work best with this yarn and just kind of went for it. And I had to improve the size because the pattern called for hand measurements and Brandy’s hands are smaller than everyone’s hands. But they fit when Brandy put them on, so I lucked out there.

If that hat looks familiar, it’s because I used the same pattern for a hat for Shannon over the summer.


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