Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shannon's Finger Knit Scarf

Needle: My fingers

Yarn: Deborah Norville Collection Everyday Soft Worsted in Pine Green

Pattern: It wasn’t so much a pattern as a refresher via WikiHow.

Shannon's Finger Knit Scarf

I honestly never expected to make a finger knit scarf again. I had made three when I first encountered the process and they were up in my Etsy shop for about a year before I concluded that they were never going to sell and I should make something else with the yarn.

But then when I asked Shannon what she wanted for Christmas, she said she wanted a finger knit scarf. In green. With poofy fat tassles.


A finger knit scarf in green with poof fat tassels.

One advantage this scarf has over the craptacular finger knit scarves I made before is that this yarn is very soft in that shiny and smooth kind of way and I quadrupled the yarnage. I completely undid two skeins of this and folded each in half so that I was using for strands together to make the knit thick and full and as warm as a finger knit scarf could possibly get.

I don’t remember how long it is exactly, but I’d hazard a guess at 11 feet. It touches the ground when I have it looped once around my neck (I’m 5’ 6”) and my 5’ 1” mother got hopelessly tangled in it when she decided that she needed to see how long this thing was and there was an awful lot of it on the ground when she finally managed it.

But it’s meant to be looped multiple times and Shannon’s tall, so I figured it’s okay.


I stopped by the local Jo-Ann's for some craft stuff, and I picked up a new case for a fistful of crochet hooks that I have.

I know. It's purple. I was disappointed, too. The box it was in had a picture of a green one. An ugly green, mind you, but the kind of green that you're used to seeing among the plastic or fake leather possessions of a grandmother.

And considering the fact that the hooks that needed a home used to belong to my maternal grandmother, it seemed appropriate. I vaguely remember her having plastic kitchen chairs in that ugly green.

But it was cheap and a far cry better than this-

-which is old and dirty and IMPOSSIBLE to get tiny crochet hooks out of, so I suppose the purple isn't a deal breaker here.

And it's nice to see all the hooks in one place.

Well, nearly. One of her hooks and a yarn needle didn't fit into the spaces.

And, of course, I have two more sets of crochet hooks of my own kept in other receptacles, but these do look nice and now I can SEE them instead of fiddling about with the roll up case to try and find out what size they are.


Anonymous said...

Nice scarf! I came across it because of the wikiHow mention. You should write an article about how to finger knit a scarf, describing what you did :)

Freakish Lemon said...


If you go to wikiHow and search for finger knit scarf, you will find exactly what I did to make this scarf. I don't see much point in writing it myself when someone else has already done it. XD