Tuesday, January 04, 2011



I don’t have a back of the book blurb for you all for this book. The copy I own is a black hardcover copy with no dust jacket to have a blurb on and I cannot find anything resembling the usual blurb type summary, so I shall be attempting to summarize this book myself.

Psychogeist is the story about a man whose fevered consciousness splits in two. One half stayed in his body and the other jumped to the body of a recently deceased hitchhiker. The jumped consciousness believes itself to be the character of an old science fiction comic book series with knowledge of sciences far beyond those of the small country town and it is up to new city doctor in town to solve this mystery.

I’m sure that is an inadequate summary, as the book delves into the complicated non-understanding of the human consciousness and the powers of the mind, but I found it to be an incredibly interesting story. I was especially fascinated by the beginning of the story when things are first being revealed to both the reader and the doctor.

It’s a short book and an easy read. It’s quite easy to get through and compelling enough that, even if you don’t understand exactly what’s going on in the story, it doesn’t drag on at all.

It’s apparently a bit of a difficult book to get a hold of, though. There are few copies to buy online, although you can find them quite cheaply there. I bought my copy at a used book sale at my local library. So, if you do find a copy of this book, I would suggest picking it up and having a look, particularly if you enjoy psychological science fiction.

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