Monday, January 03, 2011


(Apologies for bad photos. Terrible lighting and haste made them... not good.)

Hook: US F5, for the most part. I believe I switched to a US H8 for the coat.

Yarn: Whatever I had on hand. Luckily, I had precisely every color I needed. How does this happen? Crazy relatives who like to clean their houses- that's how.

Pattern: This is actually the pattern for a Tenth Doctor doll that thetinytauntaun linked me, but it served its purpose as a template.



It’s the only project I’ve ever intentionally shown someone when it was in progress. I mean, I’ll show what I’m working on when people ask about it, but I would finish sewing the legs on the torso and fling myself from my chair to show Pickleface and Stovetop and my mother and anyone else within range. I was just so thrilled the whole time.

Oddly enough, the details in this were the most fun. Usually I get fed up by the time I get to the finer details on crocheted things, but I was so excited about it.


At the base is Sherlock in his usual black suit with his purple shirt. His curly hair was time consuming and boring to sew in there, but incredibly magical to watch it take shape. I don’t think I’ve ever made such a magical little creature before.


Then his customary blue scarf which infuriates me to no end because it is not, in fact, knitted. I cannot make a replica of this scarf without some serious fabric hunting. And I don’t think scarves are properly scarves unless they are knitted. They’re something else that’s not quite scarf-like.


And then, of course, his glorious coat. It was actually the easiest piece to make. The yarn I had was really easy to work with and I used a larger hook so that he could actually wear it and I tugged the sleeves on him and used his body shape to sew the body to the coat and sleeves.

Also, I had the correct red for the button hole. In a much lighter weight yarn so it does look a bit like thread. My good fortune! It shall never happen again. XD


And the crowning achievement! The shock blanket!

I made this Sherlock for thetinytauntaun for Christmas because she demanded I make one for her as soon as she watched the first episode of Sherlock, so she persuaded me to watch the show and I immediately agreed that this must happen.

Two weeks before Christmas, she held a Sherlock watching party and she told me that Sherlock must have a shock blanket. I replied with a “I don’t even know if I have any orange” because, if you have seen the colorful granny square blanket of doom, you know that I have used up a LOT of orange in the past year. She, quite correctly, pointed out that I might still have some orange that she had given me years before for a couple of projects.

LO AND BEHOLD, I still had a small ball of it in the bottom of my Spiderman bucket of tiny yarn bits. This is, literally, THE LAST OF THE ORANGE. Just enough for a shock blanket.


And his beady little eyes. I made them blue.

I’m still astounded that this project actually happened. By all rights, I should still be working on it now because it should have taken me ages to find the right blue for the coat and the scarf and the shirt and the shock blanket, but…


I feel really good about this.



Jason said...

Totally awesome, Adrian!
- Jason

Freakish Lemon said...


Thanks, brochacho!