Monday, April 30, 2012

Finally Made Something With Those Squares

I started collecting old jeans from my roommates in college because I had lofty ideals of crafting and to waste all that denim when I had practically no income was just crazy talk. Of course, jeans end up using a lot of space - something which I lacked in some dorm rooms and my house - so I would spend a weekend whittling the denim down into pieces. I didn't want to get rid of it; I just needed it to take up less space.

First, I cut out all the seams and pockets so that I had a pile o' pockets and a pile of flat jean legs. Then, after collecting more jeans and filling up the space I cleared, I cut all the denim down to squares.

Not all of the denim was trimmed down to squares, of course. I did staple a pair to some plywood and painted windmills on them for an art project and I did use some scraps for a couple of dolls/plush-thingies, but cutting them down into squares seemed like the best solution at the time.

And the squares just sat there. I attempted a project or two with them, but I never really finished anything.

Until this weekend...

Denim Tote

Denim Tote Denim Tote

Denim Tote Denim Tote

Denim Tote Denim Tote

I also made one of the 3x3 bags for my mom with a Snape T-shirt lining it, but I didn't grab a picture.

I've still got a pile of squares and T-shirts to turn into bags. I'm already finding them handy for knitting project storage. I will have a million freaking tote bags by the time I run out of denim.

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