Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Coventry Fiber Twist 2012

It’s that time of year, folks! Time for the Coventry Farmer’s Market Fiber Twist day! Sort of. It was a couple of weeks ago nowm but it’s the day where I spend a stupid amount of money on yarn and roving!

So here’s what I’ve spent my paycheck on this year:

Fiber Twist Weekend Haul

Ocean Waves Roving Sunset Roving Grape Jelly Roving

My cat decided he wanted in on this little photo shoot.

Buy Two Get One Free deal on these packages. The seller actually had a Buy Three Get One Free deal, but she let me go ahead and take the third for free because she was trying to clear some older inventory. $15 each for two of these lovelies.

Oswald Roving Crocus Roving

Oswald and Crocus.

This is the same vendor where I bought the Blue Eyes roving that I spun earlier this year. Grabbed the Crocus for $16 and Oswald for $18.

Green Yarn

This is the one that broke the bank. I’ve got plans for a short cape/thick scarf with a hood thing for later season Ren Faires and bumming around in the backyard when I’m too lazy to put on a proper jacket. I bought two skeins for $30 each. Pricey, but good.

I also bought, you know... food. Because it’s a farmer’s market. And it was delicious.

But I’m super excited to spin this ridiculous amount of roving. So much spinning in my future.

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