Monday, February 04, 2013

All My Monies

All of my monies get sucked right out of my wallet when I'm anywhere near a craft store. Michael's has been sending out promotional emails for some huge clearance business that's been going on recently. Yesterday, one of those emails sank right into my bones and I couldn't shake it.

So I went to Michael's.

Cotton Yarn Purchase

4 skeins for $5 deal. Cotton. For more washcloths. And/or dish towels.

Canvas Bags

3 canvas zipper bags for $2. The bicycle one is holding on to some miscellaneous knitting swag, like these plastic netting things my mom bought for me a couple of years ago to keep skeins for tangling too horribly. The other two are for stitch markers and needles and things that I can toss into project bags.

Not pictured here are some other purchases of tags and packaging and ink for Etsy product packaging.

Let's just be glad I avoided the Barnes and Noble a few store fronts down.


Loki Yarn from GnomeAcres


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