Sunday, July 07, 2013

Works in Progress! Handspun, scarf, and socks!

Fair warning, folks. I'm posting this from my Kindle fire to see how difficult to successfully put together a photo post in the blogs. Forgive any weird formatting errors or autocorrected words.

So let's get this party started and have a look at the stuff I've been working on since my last shop update/blog post.

1. Doctor Who scarf

Doctor Who Scarf

It's been a while since I've had a full sized Doctor Who scarf in the shop, so I'm crawling my way through this one. It'd be easier if we weren't in a heatwave, but that's life.

2. Handspun

Handspun WIP

Handspun WIP

Handspun WIP

I think I mentioned somewhere that summer is for spinning and apparently it's true. I find myself working on handspun when it's too hot to knit, which lately has been most of the time.

Also, I learned how to Navajo ply singles the other night when I couldn't sleep. Because I'm ridiculous.

Navajo Ply Practice

They're not that impressive, but that's what I had lying around. I'll probably have a bunch of the blue roving from the handspun above to ply with new plying.

3. New sock!

I started a new sock and started playing with a new iOS app (A Beautiful Mess) when I posted these on Instagram.

A better view of the new sock.

Started a new sock!

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