Saturday, November 09, 2013

Yarn Stash Expansion

I meant to start posting this stuff earlier, but I went off to DISNEY WORLD with friends so I stopped caring about blogging for a while. I will do a post about that, but I'm still getting over the magic withdrawal.

So here's some yarny things instead!

Connecticut Renaissance Faire

(Which I went to in the beginning of October. Whoops.)

The thing that I probably love most about the Connecticut Renaissance Faire is that, no matter its shortcomings, there has always been a booth with yarn for sale for as long as I've been going. It used to be The Merry Little Lamb, but they haven't been there for a few years. Since The Merry Little Lamb's been out, there has been a booth with three or four crafters that has had exceptional yarn (as well as some cool leather masquerade masks and things). This year I picked up some Mermaid yarn:

Ct Ren Faire Swag

Ct Ren Faire Swag

And some bright orangey roving:

Ct Ren Faire Swag

Stitches East 2013

Awww yeah. Stitches East is at the Hartford Convention Center these days and since I drive into Hartford for work five days a week, it was no big thing to plan on going this year with me mum. We had originally planned on going today because The Gabbers was going to come up and go with us, but those plans fell through so Mom and I drove up to Hartford yesterday on one of my days off to go see what's what.

IT WAS GLORIOUS. So much yarn and so many friendly people. I don't think I've ever felt so welcome in a crowd before. Not even at nerdy type conventions. Everyone was smiling and there was no judgement if you had questions and every person in each booth was like, "OH! THIS IS SO SOFT! HAVE YOU FELT THIS ONE YET? RUB THIS SKEIN ON YOUR FACE AND FEEL HOW SOFT IT IS! :DDDDDDD"

Although, my favourite part was honestly when an older lady was fighting with her phone, looked up and around, spotted me, and practically dove into the booth we were walking through all like "YOUNG MAN, I JUST GOT THIS PHONE. DO YOU KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT A CAMERA? THIS PATTERN DOESN'T COME WITH A PHOTO AND I NEED A PHOTO OF THIS SHAWL ON THIS MANNEQUIN." And she just handed me her iPhone. No hesitation and completely trusting that I would just show her how to use it. Which I did, of course. And she danced back to take as many photos of that shawl as she pleased. It was great.

But Mom and I knew we were in trouble when one of the first booths we stopped into had this little table with all these lovely fall colored yarns, picked up some skeins to check them out, and found out that all the colorways were named after places in Middle Earth.

I shelled out $50.88 dollars right there for some Baranduin and Rohan, which is below. My mom busted out about half of that for a skein of Lothlorien.

Stitches East 2013

After that, we determined that we would not buy anything until we had gone through and looked at all of the other booths to see what was available. So we spent a lot of time wandering and smooshing yarn and we split up to go back to our favourite booths.

I got this skein of Dragon sock yarn in color Hidalgo at Dragonfly Fibers:

Stitches East 2013

Some Malabrigo roving for spinning from The Yarn Barn:

Stitches East 2013

But the best deal that I got wandering around was from Holiday Yarns, who had a big ol' plastic bin of mini-skeins at the front of their booth with a sign advertising $20.00 for as much as you could fit in your hand. So I grabbed this:

Stitches East 2013

I'm planning on something stripey with those suckers. I'm pretty excited about it.

And that's about it for my yarn purchasing adventures over the past month. Other than yarn for Christmas presents. But, of course, I cannot show you anything I'm gifting for Christmas until after it has been gifted. So there won't be a lot of finished things to show off on the blog for a while.

But I do have some things in the pipelines for the blog. I do have a couple of other projects I finished in October to show off. I have the Disney World post. And I will be seeing two movies this weekend, so I should have some reviews up for them soon enough.

Stay tuned!

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