Thursday, March 20, 2014

Key Card Cozies, WIPs, and Congo

1. Key Card Cozies for Work Folk

After the rush of everyone at the end of the year, some of the folks from work who had commissioned card holders from me in past years wanted to get some new ones. The old ones were starting to wear out. So I designed a new one that should hold up better.

Cable Key Card Holder Cable Key Card Holder

Cable Key Card Holder Cable Key Card Holder

Cable Key Card Holder Cable Key Card Holder

I've made about eight of these suckers so far, which puts a few extra dollars in my pocket. My coworkers are very pleased.

2. WIPs


I put aside these socks last year when it came closer to holiday time, so I'm picking them up again now that I've gotten some other stuff out of the way.


Started a granny square blanket out of some yarn recycled from a sweater. It'll probably only be a lap blanket, but I'm interested to see what this will look like.

Warped and ready for weaving.

And this image I stole from my Instagram, but I didn't want to take another photo of the same thing. I'm working on a woven Gandalf scarf for the Etsy shop.

3. Congo by Michael Crichton

I'm very good at forgetting things, particularly how much certain authors' writing fit right into the nooks of my brain. I cracked this book open and couldn't put it down. It felt really good to have something grab my imagination like that. I finished this book within 24 hours and it has been a long time since I've felt that. And I enjoyed it a hell of a lot, though I think I was more interested in Amy than in the rest of the story.

Which then prompted me to add a ton of documentaries about African wild life to my Netflix and Amazon Prime queues. I'll have an educational couple of months going through all those.

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