Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Christmas Ornaments and Enter Three Witches

1. Christmas Ornaments

And you thought Christmas was over. WRONG.

No seriously, as soon as Christmas was over I had a million ideas for things to sell for Christmas. So I started making some of them because Zeus knows that there's no time to make this stuff later. I was going to save it until Christmassy times, but... I don't care. I'm excited about these guys.

If we need to blame anyone, we can blame the nuns in my childhood. The used to sell these suckers for a quarter at the church fairs with Hershey kisses inside.

10x10 Kiss Ornaments

10x10 Kiss Ornaments 12 x 12 green Kiss ornaments

12 x 12 green Kiss ornaments

The tri-color ones are smaller than the green ones and I'm working on red and white ones the same size as the green ones.

2. Dagger and Dash: Enter Three Witches by Peggy Schaedler

This is the second book of the Dagger and Dash series, which I'm reading because the author is a coworker's stepmom and I get to borrow the reader's copies. But it's actually a pretty good series. I didn't like this one as much as the first one because this one was a little bogged down in school stuff (the first one was during summer vacation), but it had a good mystery and some impressive danger.

Now I just have to figure out what to put into the Amazon review. Yeesh.


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