Sunday, March 30, 2014

Shop Update Tomorrow!

Hey all!

I mentioned this past week that I was aiming for a shop update? It's going to be TOMORROW. Everything new should be up by 7 pm EST. The shop will be restocked with all the stitch markers and embroidered moleskines that have been sold out and the new Star Trek TOS stitch markers will be up for the first time!

There will also be some brand new items up in the shop, including the following:

1. 21 ft. Doctor Who Scarf

21 ft Doctor Who Scarf 21 ft Doctor Who Scarf

2. Mahna-Mahna Handspun

Mahna-Mahna Handspun

Mahna-Mahna Handspun

3. Sir Didymus Handspun

Sir Didymus Handspun

Sir Didymus Handspun

And I ended up with some extra from the Sir Didymus handspun, so I Navajo plied it for myself. It really fluffed up when I washed it. This one's not for sale, but I thought I'd show it off with its sibling.

Didymus Leftover

So, yes. There will be new things up in the shop and that's exciting. I think I'm going to try to keep updating the shop at the end of each month, so stay tuned for that. And remember to check the shop for what will be up there tomorrow at 7 pm EST!

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