Monday, May 26, 2014

Spring Cleaning

1. Faerie Gardeners

So the front yard of our house has done this thing for years and years now, which we really only get to enjoy for the first month or so of spring-ish weather before all that pesky grass grows it. We've tried killing the grass before, but it didn't take, which is unfortunate.

But due to a combination of high rain/snow fall all through spring and whatever it is that determines how fertile our ridiculous plot of land is, we got this in about three times the area we normally do:

Spring Yard 2014

Spring Yard 2014 Spring Yard 2014

Spring Yard 2014 Spring Yard 2014

It's pretty great. It's actually better than what you can see here because you can't see all the buttercups and little white-ish flowers (bluets?) and little purple violet-looking things tucked all in there.

Unfortunately, most of it in the front and some of it in the back has been mowed down because of the grass. If we could kill the grass, we'd never mow it, but the stalks sticking up on uneven patches all over were getting to be about a foot tall. We left the flowers where they completely choked out the grass in the back yard under the two trees.

(Our neighbors keep a very meticulous green, flat yard. Sometimes you can see then just staring at our purple yard while they mow. I can't tell if they're jealous or annoyed.)

2. Room Things

Every once in a while, I get the itch to start moving things around. It's kind of hard to do this in my bedroom for a couple of reasons: a) I have a lot of furniture for such a small room, b) electrical outlets, and c) two windows which stick, so I need space to force them open.

I did some major clean out last weekend. I tossed a lot of old papers and junk. There's a direct inverse correlation between my hoarding of junk and my reading of fanfic. My last BIG physical collection days (not counting yarn) was back during the Star Wars prequels and there wasn't the money for tons of action figures or toys. Those were collected one or two at a time at Christmas and birthdays up until a couple of years ago. And I know I've gone through this collection once before, but there were still almost a full bin of saved cereal boxes, paper plates, party hats, magazine clippings, soft drink cups, and even a kid's meal bag from Taco Bell. Gross, right? So I got rid of all of that. Reorganized some stuff which cleared some space and allowed me to move a couple of things around.

May 2014 Clean and Frame

I moved the droid wearing the R2-D2 Mickey ears from next to my bed over to next to the shelves and scooched the printer side-table and the craft drawers closer to the bed, which opens up the bookshelves nicely. Not that I can cram any more books in there, but I can reach the ones in there more easily if I needed to.

May 2014 Clean and Frame May 2014 Clean and Frame

And then I framed my friend Walking Naked Guy there. Poor fellow had just been taped to the wall before, so I bought him a (cheap) nice home and put him up below Superman when I cleared out that little nook and put my binders there. I could move the TV stand out of the way so that it lines up more with the shelf, which is nice to look at.

May 2014 Clean and Frame May 2014 Clean and Frame

May 2014 Clean and Frame May 2014 Clean and Frame May 2014 Clean and Frame

And I had three cool Star Wars T-shirts worn to pieces and some framed out canvas from my school days lying around, so I cut off the fronts and slapped 'em on to the canvases. You know, the lazy way. Just tucking in the corners. Yep. But they look cool, so I'm pleased with them.

I should be posting more this week, folks. I have a pile of finished things to post about in my To Post folder. It's a little ridiculous.


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