Sunday, May 18, 2014

Godzilla, Sewing Machine Cover, and Hat!

Ugh. Blogging. If you don't do it for a week, it's hard to get back into it.

1. Godzilla

Today I went to go see Godzilla with my brothers. They were both super Godzilla fans when they were kids. I've watched a bunch, but it was never one of my main things as a kid. We're obsessive types and it's hard to have more than one thing to be obsessive about at a time. Especially as a kid.

But we all have fond memories of Godzilla tapes and action figures, so we went to go see it.

And it was fun! I really enjoyed it and it was fun to speculate about the next possible things for Godzilla to fight next afterwards. Also, it was very clear that the only people in the theater were already fans of Godzilla because there was clapping during some of the more triumphant times during the big fight. And we saw this movie at 2 in the afternoon on a Sunday, so you know... that's not exactly prime time for audience participation when something feels good in your giant monster movie watching soul.

But yeah. I enjoyed it a lot. My brothers had fun. The rest of the audience had a good time. Success all around.

2. Sewing Machine Cover

More adventures in sewing! It's actually been a while since I finished this, but photos and blogging and you know... delays. So here's a sewing machine cover I made for my sewing machine!

Sewing Machine Cover Sewing Machine Cover

I don't really have any work in progress photos for this one. I sort of got it put together before I knew what I was doing. So... tada!

(And this is why there's both a Godzilla blurb and another finished object on this post.)

3. Graham Hat - Green Handspun

Pattern: Graham by Jennifer Adams
Needles: US 5 - 3.75 mm, US 7 - 4.5 mm
Yarn: Green Handspun

Graham Hat - Handspun Graham Hat - Handspun

This green yarn is actually some of the first handspun I ever did. The thickness and tension of the spin in this yarn varies all over the place, so I figured that a textured hat would be a good fit to disguise some of those inconsistencies. After the cotton blend version of this hat didn't turn out quite how I wanted because the fiber behaved differently than I thought, the handspun wool seemed like a good idea to get the hat to behave.

And I only have two work in progress photos for this one. I'm pretty terrible at posting WIPs on Instagram. Bleh.

Cast on another Graham hat in some of my green handspun. Graham Hat - Handspun


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