Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Greyscale Granny Square Mini-Blanket

Look! I made a thing!

Greyscale Granny Square Greyscale Granny Square

Not the rocking horse. My dad made that when I was a toddler. I'm talking about the little blanket on its back.

I had all this yarn from a sweater I pulled apart once and I've been on a stash diet, so I decided I was going to make something with it. I can't let it sit there forever. So I made a little square blanket.

Greyscale Granny Square

The square pattern is based on a pattern that I've seen used on Attic24's blog, but I can't find the right blanket. But if you like crochet and/or color, you should be checking out her blog anyway.

Should I talk about my stash diet? I'm going to talk about my stash diet.

I started this diet last year and it... sort of worked for me. It worked better than the years when I didn't have any sort of plan for my yarn stash, so improvement is good.

So here's the Freakish Lemon Stash Diet!

January - Freebie month! Post-Christmas selfishness and my birthday, so there is allowed to be a little splurging on fancy or expensive yarns.

February to Late September - Yarn Fasting
  • Personal projects must be made from already stashed yarn.
  • New yarn cannot be purchased for personal projects unless there is clearance/sale that puts a yarn already coveted down to less than $1.00 per skein (this is so rare, that it will happen only once if at all).
  • Yarn can only be purchased at regular or other sale prices if it is for the Etsy shop or for special gifts (last year this was for my friend's second baby, so I faltered in my rules more than I should have there).
  • Due to plans made by family or with friends, any yarn purchased at Renaissance Faires must be included as part of the Faire budget. No extra money will be used to buy Faire yarn.
Late September to December - Late September starts the time of sheep/wool/yarn festivals. This year my mother and I plan on Fiber Twist weekend at the Coventry Farmers' Market, Stitches East, and the Fiber Festival of New England. Personal yarn and yarn for Christmas presents can be bought freely within budget.

Again, varying degrees of success, but the stash has stayed steady without growing overmuch. I've already faltered a little for my own rules this year due to the Southington Jo-Ann Fabrics and the Torrington Jo-Ann Fabrics opening up within a month of each other, but I have been good since then. So huzzah!


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