Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WIP Wednesday

These circle mitts knit with my Holiday Yarn grab bag skeins are progressing nicely. Also, yes that is a troll stitch marker. A better shot of the troll stitch marker that I know everyone wants to see.

A nice clean bind off of this Doctor Who scarf. Time for weaving in many ends and fringe. More than halfway done weaving in ends!

Making progress on mini-quilt top 2. Mini-quilt 2 top complete!

Refreshing my quilt knowledge with a Craftsy class and blending some green and blue wool for spinning. The blended green/blue wool with the green that I just spun.

Basted the 2nd quilt first because it's smaller. And now to baste mini-quilt 1! Basted mini-quilt 1! Actual quilting will have to wait until later. It's really hot up in this room.

Finished this commissioned moleskine today. I really like how it turned out. Finished the blue/green. Now, blue/purple!

I have quilted one of my quilts! Figuring out the quilting for the next one now. Quilted the other quilt! Time to bind these suckers before my family needs the table for tomorrow.

I'm in the home stretch. Just have to finish binding these quilts and I'm done! Made some progress stitching this tote bag.

Finally making some progress on the second mitt! Been sewing in the ends on these all day. Finally time for these mitts to have a bath.

Some new things for the Etsy store (and a custom request for Mom)! Progress on the new zipper bags for the shop.

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