Thursday, October 30, 2014

Loki Socks

Loki Socks Loki Socks

Pattern: Wyvern Socks by Marnie MacLean Designs

Needles: US 2 - 2.75 mm

Yarn: Loki from Gnome Acres, which is a brilliant indie dyer who specializes in nerdy yarn colorways. Loki was actually the first yarn I ever purchased from them, but you've seen me knit socks in Robot Patina and Mustache Manifesto before.

Loki Socks

I finally got around to my Loki socks! I've had these planned for a couple of years now, which is terrible, isn't it? There are too many things to make, I swear.

Anyway, I saw some interesting patterns online for socks with a sort of scalloped scale looking pattern on them, which reminded me of Loki's armor. I ended up choosing Wyvern Socks for its scalloped shapes. This is a toe-up sock pattern. I'm not terribly used to those yet, as the majority of my socks have been top-downs, but I'm already noticing a pattern in my toe-up socks. I have a terrible time gauging how long the foot needs to be before starting the heel. I see to do pretty well judging the leg length of a sock before starting the heel going top down, but my toe-up socks have all come out too long in the foot. Not long enough to really be considered a problem that needs ripping and redo-ing, of course; just long enough to be noticeable and a little annoying.

I also think the stitch pattern gets lost in the colors of the yarn. That was also my mistake. I didn't anticipate how often the colors changed and how much of a contrast there was when knit up. Because I don't swatch. I know, I know, but I still like them! I'll just have to try out this pattern with a solid color or a more muted variation.

Loki Socks Loki Socks

Overall, this is a great pattern. It was easy to follow and the pattern repeats were really easy to get down in my brain. I found it easy and comfortable to knit multiple rows without consulting the chart for the pattern. I definitely look forward to trying this pattern again.

And even though the colors drowned out the pattern, I can't help by love this colorway. The colors all look great knit up and I'm really happy that I have my pair of Loki socks now.

Loki Socks

(Photo shoot note: I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome a blast from the past to my photos - a pair of legs from an old unitard! I was in dance classes all through school until college, so I have a lot of weird costume pieces you wouldn't expect a guy like me to have floating around his closet. I mean, I'm pretty much a ratty jeans and T-shirt guy most of the time.

This unitard was from a dance costume in middle school that I quickly outgrew, but I cut the legs off and saved them. This came in handy in high school when I did my first Captain Jack Sparrow costume and didn't yet earn enough cash for pirate boots. I wore these legging with black work boots and sewed black flappy boot tops to pin around my legs, so it looked like I had fancy pirate boots until you got close.

So I found these while pulling out props for knitting photo shoots and they looked perfect next to my socks. Movie!Loki does wear some tight black pants and kid!Loki from the comics has some black legging type pants and yellow against my skin isn't a great combo, so I wore them for the shoot.

It was actually really nice not to have to worry about how my skin was going to show up on camera, so I might break them out again for other sock shoots.)


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