Friday, December 05, 2014

Eyelet Swirl Hat

Hey all! Just a heads up, blogging is going to be a little haphazard for a while. Work is crazy right now and Christmas is looming over my shoulder quickly. I do have a bunch of finished objects lined up to post, but time is going to be tight for a while.

So today, you get my post on the Eyelet Swirl Hat!

Eyelet Swirl Hat Eyelet Swirl Hat

Pattern: Eyelet Swirl Hat

Yarn: Classic Elite Yarns Liberty Wool Light (6623)

Needles: US 4 - 3.5 mm

This was actually a kit that I won in a raffle! All of the yarn shops during the Western CT Yarn Crawl had their own raffles in each of the stores, and my name was drawn at New England Yarn & Spindle! I swung by the shop the week after the crawl and picked up my kit.

This yarn is pretty amazing. It's very soft and the colors are absolutely lovely. I just kept returning to the bag to touch the yarn, so I had to cast on right away.

Eyelet Swirl Hat

I have to say that I need to get better at my prep work for knitting hats. I tend to not make up swatches because I'm impatient. This isn't a problem for scarves, generally, and I'm pretty good at recognizing if socks or fingerless mitts are the right gauge for me within a few rows. But I'm terrible at recognizing the right gauge for hats. This hat ended up being a really lovely hat, but it was just loose enough that I didn't feel comfortable wearing it. It sort of sat around for a while I debated frogging it or making due.

Ultimately, I ended up just looping some thin elastic into the brim. The hat only really needed to be brought in by about an inch, so just the little bit of draw by some elastic made this hat really work for me. I wear it around all the time now.

Eyelet Swirl Hat Eyelet Swirl Hat


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