Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mesh Bag

Circular Mesh Bag

The decision to make this bag came about a bit backwards from my usual projects. Unless I’m making a very specific item, like the Doctor Who Scarf, I usually start with the yarn and find a project to make with it. That wasn’t the case with this project.

I actually decided to make this bag based on a desire to use the pattern itself. I got the book Uncommon Crochet: Twenty-Five Projects Made from Natural Yarns and Alternative Fibers for Christmas, was flipping through it real quick, and saw this bag pattern. Now, the pattern actually calls for common kitchen string and a smaller hook, which would make the bag much smaller, but the construction of the thing fascinated me. So I upped the hook size, found some yarn, and whipped this up real quick.

Like I said, the interesting thing about this pattern is the construction of bag itself. You start out making one shape, like you would a granny square, and each shape afterwards is made partially separately and crocheted into the already made shapes. I made a ton of mistakes in the process, but it was extremely easy to go back, unravel, and re-crochet those parts.

When filled, this particular bag is large enough to hold a sleeping bag and possibly a pillow. I’m currently using it to store some spare blankets in my closet.

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