Monday, January 14, 2013

10" Rigid Heddle Loom Projects

You know how I got that 10" rigid heddle loom for Christmas?

Built it.

Warped it.

I am now on Project #3.

Here's a look at the first two:

Brown and Oatmeal Woven Scarf

Harmony Woven Scarf

Clearly, that first scarf is my first attempt at weaving at this loom. There's some pretty glaring errors and the weave is all uneven. It's awful. I knew it would be; that's why I used a couple bland-ish, but very contrasting, yarns. There's some pretty bad errors in there that this picture isn't showing.

The second scarf is one I'm much more pleased with. Did that one in Lion Brand Wool-Ease Harmony, which is a variegated/self-striping yarn, which looks fantastic woven. I've worn this one around.

I'm liking this weaving thing. These projects have been really quick compared to my normal craft projects. It's nice.

And now, of course, I'm working on Project #3 now that I've finished a scarf I've been slaving through for the Etsy shop. I'm working on these pile loop wash clothes that the Yarn Harlot featured on her blog a while back.

Here's the first one in the line of four:

More weaving WIP stuff. This time, wash clothes! Because I'm super cool.

Blurry Instagram photo time. I'm trying to post photos of my works in progress more often, but I end up very focused on trying to finish the project. I figure I might be able to let my brain take short breaks for not-great iPod photos.

This wash cloth doesn't look all that great right now, but I figure some of that will even out in a wash and the rest can be chalked up to learning a new skill.


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