Saturday, January 26, 2013

Etsy Store Renewal for My Birthday!

I turn 25 today. And I've been building up inventory for my Etsy store for almost the entirety of 2012. My birthday present to myself is listing all of those things I've been making on Etsy.

It's like a Hobbit birthday party, except that I have to pay for the listing and the party goers have to pay for the items.

The point is that I have made things! And now you (or your friends or your neighbors or anyone you'd like to tell, if you want to) can have these things!

Elven Shawl Amy Pond Scarf Doctor Who Scarf (Season 12 - H) Night Terrors Scarf Doctor Who Scarf (Season 12 - Q) Juicy Fruit Handpsun Blue Eyes Handspun Autumn Handspun Supernatural Stitch Markers (Black) Lemon Stitch Markers Supernatural Stitch Markers Gentlemen Stitch Markers Supernatural Pack Supernatural Pack Supernatural Pack Star Wars Pack Star Wars Pack The Hunger Games Marvel Pack Marvel Pack Marvel Pack Harry Potter Pack Harry Potter Pack DC Comics Pack DC Comics Pack DC Comics Pack Celtic Knot Pack Celtic Knot Pack

Yes. Go!! Peruse! Click on some things! Possibly buy some things!

For now, I'm going to go see a movie with my brother that I predict will be both terrible and amazing.

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