Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Christmas Knit Gifts

Part of the reason why this blog was so quiet in December was trying to shuffle gifting and preparing for the reopening of my Etsy shop. I'm not going to show off any shop things here yet, but it's far enough into January to show the three knit gifts I made this year.

Vancouver Fog Woodland

Doctor Who Fingerless Gloves


Both of my brothers are big gamers and their favourite places to game are also the coldest places in our house (and probably the older younger brother's dorm - those places are never warm). Figured some fingerless mitts were in order to keep their hands from icing over.

The first pair are Vancouver Fog in Lion Brand Tweed Stripes Woodlands for the older younger brother.

The second pair are a half improvised/half Doctor Who Wrist Warmers in Red Heart and Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted Weight.

The monster is an improvised design of mine made of small bits of yarn from my Small Bits O' Yarn bucket for my friend's kidlet. Despite mid-January rapidly approaching, I haven't yet managed to get my butt over to my friend's place for gift giving, so this gift is still chilling out over here for the moment. Luckily, this is his first proper Christmas (he was only three months old at Christmas last year), so he's young enough to not notice his weird uncle's terrible grasp of time. Hopefully.

And these aren't knit-gifts, but I did make a small terrarium that I was rather proud of for a friend, but I completely neglected to get a photograph. I did a couple of embroidered moleskines for some other friends that are not (yet?) a part of the group going up in the Etsy shop later and I also completely neglected to snap a few photos of those.

Methinks I need a better grasp of things I ought to have my camera out for.

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