Monday, April 28, 2014

Finished Hexagons!

Voila! The finished works at the end of my hexagon adventure. Which I don't think I'll be doing again for a long time. Those corners are awful to work around.


The first thing I finished was the grey and white bean bag thing. I started playing with those colors first because I liked them least, but I honestly think that project was the most successful. I managed to sew most of these hexagons flat and those that didn't were flattened out pretty easily with an iron. I didn't really have a plan when I made it, but I figure I can use it for a door stop or something to weigh down my vertical lazy kate when I spin too enthusiastically.


The next thing that I finished was this little thing. I basically sewed all the hexagons so that they were two-sided and then hand-stitched them together. I did this little one in the green and brown first and liked how it turned out, but it's too small to really use for anything, so I stuck it in a basket as a liner.



This was really the tricky thing. The majority of the two-sided hexagons went into this thing, which ended up kind of wonky. Sewing the hexagons together ended up making a bunch of them uneven, so the hand-stitching on this is pretty erratic. But I finished it and it's just the right size to cover the top of a shelf in the craft room.


And this is where all the spare hexagons ended up. I've been using them as coasters. :D

And here's the WIP montage:

Hexagons WIP Playing with hexagons and practicing corners. Hexagons after ironing.

Starting the morning off with hexagons, tea, and Twin Peaks. Hexagons


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