Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Playing With Hexagons

I've been spending more time up in the craft room with my sewing machine. I bought this package of fabric hexagons on clearance at Jo-Ann's once and I've hoarded them in my scrap fabric bins for... years? That's a little ridiculous, right? I mean, I don't even know what I bought these hexagons for. But I know I have this problem of buying things and then not using them because I need the perfect project. Which is a pattern I need to get out of. So I figured, use 'em or lose 'em.

Hexagons WIP

I didn't like how the white-ish and grey-ish hexagons looked with the other colors, so I decided to just sew them together. I started sewing this flat with the machine and man, those corners are tricky. Some of them turned out great and some of them are terrible.

I've actually finished a beanbag thing with these, but I haven't managed a good photo of it. The light in that room is pretty bad after about 11:00 in the morning and I'm all over the place right now.

Playing with hexagons and practicing corners. Hexagons before ironing.

Hexagons after ironing. Starting the morning off with hexagons, tea, and Twin Peaks.

I've started hand stitching these together and I'm struggling with that because a) my damn right elbow really hates movement these days and I can only really go through the hand stitching movement for one episode of Twin Peaks at a time before it starts to hurt and b) I sewed these together really unevenly, so it's hard to get the corners and sides lined up correctly. It's definitely... interesting.

I'm thinking I'll probably end up using these as little tablecloth type things. There's a nightstand and a small shelf in the craft room that could use some sprucing up.

By the way, I try to keep my Instagram updated with stuff I'm working on, so if you're interested in seeing progress shots in (almost) real-ish time, feel free to follow. My username is (gasp!) "freakishlemon" and you can follow at

Also, I think I'm going to change up my blogging style again. I know I just started doing these list things, but I'm starting to get intimidated by the amount of stuff I'm trying to blog about all at once. The list posts helped me to get the things I was blogging about in order, but I'm having a hard time starting posts because of how much stuff I'm sifting through. I think I'll stick to one thing per post for a while and see how easily that works for me.

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