Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Profane Cross Stitch

So, remember those little snippets of cross stitch I was posting on Instagram for a while a couple months back?

Fuck This Shit Cross Stitch

I couldn't help myself. I kept seeing all these brilliantly profane cross stitch samples on Tumblr and I felt this one burning in my skin. And I seem to have amassed a collection of embroidery floss, so I felt compelled to actually use it.

(For real, though. I have no idea where most of this came from. All I know is that all of my family are craft enablers and I would tell them to stop if I didn't love it so much.)

The flowers are from a free cross stitch corner patterns post that I have already lost. If anyone knows where that is hosted, let me know and I'll add a link. I played around with the text portion in Photoshop using the font Vivaldi. I bought the frame at the local dollar store.

This one project seems to have satisfied that urge, but I do have some other cross stitch projects in mind for the future, so... watch out.

WIP Photos:
Finished a flowery corner. You know how I spontaneously start new crafts? Cross stitch, bros. The finished thing will be less dainty than its parts. Finished the text part, so it's time for another flower corner.


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