Monday, August 04, 2014

2014 New York Renaissance Faire

It's that time of year again, folks. Ren Faire time!

The New York Renaissance Faire kicks off the season in Tuxedo, NY. My family has gone to this one for about 14 years. We love going to see what's new and bringing new people to an experience that would never try without a group. This year Stovetop and Pickleface brought the two new folks and they had a blast.

It was a good day. Good food, great entertainment, and it didn't rain, which is a minor miracle. The only real let down was the bathrooms were broken, so it was port-o-potties all day. They weren't bad until the end of the day, though, so even that didn't put too much of a damper on things.

Some new things I saw this year:

2014 NY Ren Faire

Viking camp! There was the stirrings of something like this last year, but this area was mostly poorly kept flower beds with a walking path last year. There were actors in there all day long, cooking and crafting. The photo is from so far back because there were crowds of folks gathered around to ask questions and I didn't want to grab faces without permission.

2014 NY Ren Faire

Hey Nunny Nunny! We caught half of this show and it's definitely one I want to see in full next year. These two sing and crack silly religious jokes. Lots of puns and friendly ribbing. They ended the show with a song about the five constipated men in the Bible. It was delightful.

In this photo, they were thanking their sponsors Damn It All! Use Damn It All to get rid of sin today! Now in extra strength Damn It All To Hell!

2014 NY Ren Faire

Wolgemut! Which is pronounced VOLE-geh-moot. My mom has a hard time remembering how it's pronounced and calls them Voldemort. She apparently saw them perform last year and wanted us to go see them this year. They were great. They play the German bagpipes (an instrument I was not consciously aware of), but ended up playing all French songs in the set. They kept laughing about that between songs.

2014 NY Ren Faire 2014 NY Ren Faire 2014 NY Ren Faire

The Gabbers and I stopped into a candle shop that has been there for years, but we never went into it. No idea why, but it's always been skipped. They specialized in large sculpted candles and this Avengers one was nuts. There was a Wizard of Oz one next to it and a ton of cool Disney ones.

2014 NY Ren Faire

And, of course, we all hung out at the end of the day at the joust. Here's all my folks. From left to right: The Gabbers, Dad, Mom, Stovetop, Stovetop's Friend, Pickleface, and Pickleface's Friend.

(I was playing with the panoramic setting on my iPod camera and was only mildly successful. It's hard to keep that thing steady.)

I only bought one thing at this faire other than food and drink and it was this skein of hand-dyed yarn:

2014 NY Ren Faire

This is from Reyen Design Studios, who work out of the Foxglove Silk booth. They started dying yarns in addition to silks recently and I love how they layer colors. The majority of the skein is deep red and brown, but there are patches of green and purple in there that don't show up well in the photo. It's lovely.

And that was the first Renaissance Faire of the season. We'll be heading down to the PA Renaissance Faire next!


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