Saturday, August 09, 2014

Weeding My Bookshelf

I think today's book weeding will leave me with 1.5 empty shelves! AMAZING.

I spent most of today so far weeding my bookshelf. It's a necessary chore every once in a while. There's only so much room to put books and I am a product of my environment. My parents never get rid of anything, so breaking myself of that mindset has been something that I've been actively working since college.

A while back I found out about Paperback Swap, which is a service that I really enjoy. I know someone is looking for the book I'm sending out and I can get some really interesting books in return. It feels better to me than just generally donating books. Also, most of the time, there's a period between listing the book and sending out the book that I can get used to the idea that this book is no longer available. I shut them away in a cabinet so that they can't be seen and I get used to the book not being a part of the bookshelf. It works for me.

Here is a link to my profile on Paperback Swap so you can have a look at the books I have listed. I think you need to signed into an account to see the listing, but that's a quick sign up. Feel free to order any books from me!

I also have three series up on Ebay for sale. Two of them are complete series and one of them has most of the books in the series. I felt like it would be easier for folks to get these all at once on Ebay instead of one by one on Paperback Swap. If they don't sell on Ebay, I'll list them, but I know it's annoying to get a series one book at a time if all the books are available.

Here are the listings:

Remnants (Books 1-5, 7-12) by K. A. Applegate

Deltora Quest Complete Series by Emily Rodda

Deltora Quest: Shadowlands Complete Series by Emily Rodda

Feel free to grab these, folks. I'd really appreciate you taking them off my hands.

And here's a clean bookshelf!

Weeding success! The very top shelf is mostly empty and the shelf on the left side of the room is just crafty books and Game of Thrones, which doesn't fill the shelf. :D

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